Hengjia Zhang

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor


MS in Computer Science and Engineering

Hey there! I'm Hengjia Zhang from University of Michigan major in computer science and engineering. My main interest is in Machine Learning and Data Mining. Currently, I'm a member of Michigan Database research group and GEMS Lab. I came from Shanghai, China and got two bachelor degrees in CS at U of M and in ECE at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.


My projects mainly focus on Machine Learning and Data Mining. One of my research projects is a JAVA code autocompletion based on machine learning algorithms and visualization through editor ATOM. Its final goal is trying to develop a system which can write the code itself! It’s really cool, isn’t it? Also, my team and I developed a gesture recognition system under complicated background with an accuracy of 98% and response time of 65 milliseconds per frame. Last semester we developed a smart fiction search engine which could search books based on contents. It performs better than Google Books when only given book plots.